DB VIDEO: REZthaPoet – “I Am” (Prod. By Stormatique)

On the back of recent performances in Paris and Cape Town,
the renowned Nigerian Spokenword artiste/Poetographer
REZthaPoet has just released a new Spokenword material
which is themed on identity and the celebration of heritage.
REZ’s poetry is distinctly Nigerian in topical exploration and
in expression; yet, infused with elements of the traditional
Yoruba ewi (poetry) that is very popular in West Africa, the
South Americas (Brazil, Argentina etc.), the Caribbean Islands
as well as everywhere else across the globe with roughly 65
million Yoruba speakers spread across. The Yoruba infusion to
the English delivery is further spiced with doses of Pidgin in
its delivery.
This distinct brand of Spokenword/Poetry is what REZ has
consistently shared with diverse audiences across Nigeria and
internationally, on platforms where he has been privileged to
share his art with the best around the world in Spokenword,
Poetry and Literature in general.
Having been on the road travelling a lot in the last 3 years, “I
AM” is a spokenword expression that seeks to reinforce and
encourage pride in one’s heritage and culture inspired by
REZ’s experiences on the road. It also seeks to Introduce (or
re-introduce) REZ in a different light to known audiences as
well as to entirely new audiences.
“I AM” is off the EXPOSIT (Deluxe Edition) Album which is
due for release in the coming weeks.
Having released the EXPOSIT EP in November 2015 (you can
listen here sound cloud or download here, the EXPOSIT LP (Deluxe Edition) is a
full body of artistic expression which lovers of the arts, poetry
and even music will enjoy.


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